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Education and Dr. Michael A Civin, Ph.D.

January 24, 2018

These days, Dr. Michael Civin works as a clinical psychologist with nearly 30 years' experience as a doctor under his belt. He currently serves as a senior psychologist at Rose Hill Psychological Services in the Bronx, in New York City, a firm he co-founded in 2008. While he primarily works from Rose Hill, he also runs a private practice in other parts of New York City, including Manhattan, Astoria, and Bayville, which he has done since 2007.
Dr. Michael A. Civin
In reality, Dr. Michael A. Civin has always considered education to be the key to everything sought to pursue a full education in psychology and he has spent a lot of time in the academic world, as well as in private practice. At various times, he has served as a full professor, associate professor, or even as a faculty member in a number of institutions of higher learning. A great many of his scholarly articles have been published in medical journals and as chapters in very important books on psychology.